Software Projects

Display notifications about software updates
XInhibit Applet
System tray applet for inhibiting automatic power management
Utilities for encrypting and decrypting data
Browser-agnostic and portable bookmark manager
Notify about available software updates
Utility for monitoring websites of software projects for new releases
Tile-matching puzzle game
Utility for displaying write and wall messages as desktop notifications


Firefox Addons

Tab Mover
Move tabs between windows via the context menu

slrn Macros

slrn Unread Threads Macro
Display complete threads if they contain unread articles
slrn Terminal Title Macro
Set the terminal title
slrn MIME Support Macro
Comprehensive support for MIME messages
slrn Persistent Tags Macro
Keep tags persistent across sessions

Weechat Scripts

Weechat Notification Script
Desktop-agnostic notification script for Weechat
Weechat Terminal Title Script
Set the terminal title

Vim Plugins

Vim xsel Script
Copy from/to X CLIPBOARD selection


xfwm4 Themes

Kelabu xfwm4 Theme
A neutral, greyish xfwm4 theme
Gilouche xfwm4 Theme
xfwm4 theme based on the Gilouche Metacity theme
Sonar xfwm4 Theme
xfwm4 theme based on the Sonar Metacity theme

Openbox Themes

Sonar Openbox Theme
Openbox theme based on the identically named Metacity theme