Set Aside is a Firefox Addon which can quickly set aside open tabs from the current window and restore them later.


Screenshot of the tab bar button of the Set Aside Firefox addon
Screenshot of the sidebar of the Set Aside Firefox addon


The latest version of Set Aside is available from the Mozilla Add-ons for Firefox Website.

The current development version is available from its source code repository.


2018-12-13: Set Aside 2

  • Ensure browser action stays disabled on incognito tabs

2018-11-22: Set Aside 1

  • Replace tab list scroll bar with scroll buttons
  • Store favicons and thumbnails in local database
  • Initial revision

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Press the extension's button in the tab bar in order to set all currently open tabs aside. Note that tabs which are set aside are closed, this may lead to a loss of data if e.g. there is unsubmitted form data. Tabs with privileged protocols such as file:, moz-extension:, or about: cannot be set aside and will be left open because the extension would not be able to open them again due to browser security policy.

Tabs which were set aside can be managed via the sidebar which shows the collections of tabs in the order of creation, including the number of tabs belonging to the collection, its creation date and time, as well as thumbnail previews of each tab. Thumbnail previews are not available for tabs which had been discarded before being set aside or tabs synced from another device.

Clicking on "Restore Tabs" will restore all tabs of the collection in the current window and subsequently remove the collection from the sidebar. Clicking on a tab thumbnail will restore that particular tab and subsequently remove it from the collection.

Pressing the cross button above the tab thumbnails will remove all tabs belonging to the collection. Pressing the cross button on a tab thumbnail will remove that particular tab from the collection.


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Copyright (C) 2018 Guido Berhoerster

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