pk-update-icon — display notifications about software updates


pk-update-icon [ -h | -? | --help ] [ -v | --version ] [ -c command | --command command ] [ -d delay | --delay delay ] [ -i interval | --interval interval ]


pk-update-icon displays notifications and an icon in the tray area of the panel when package updates are available.


The following options are supported:

-c command , --command command

Specify the command for starting the software update viewer.

-d delay , --delay delay

Set the delay in seconds before the first check for updates. The default is five minutes.

-h , -? , --help

Print a summary of all command line options and exit.

-i interval , --interval interval

Set the interval in seconds between checks for updates. The default is one day.

-v , --version

Print the version number and exit.

Exit Status

The following exit values are returned:


Command successfully executed.

> 0

An error has occured.